MOU signed amongst GFI, Africa Fintech Network & One ASEAN Fintech Movement to collaborate on education programs in Africa & ASEAN countries to advance development of digital economy & fintech ecosystems

On June 22nd, 2023- At the inaugural Inclusive Fintech Forum held at Kigali, Rwanda, Global Fintech Institute signed a three-party MOU with Africa Fintech Network and One ASEAN Fintech Movement/ Digital Pilipinas, committing to jointly promoting and furthering collaboration amongst the three institutions as part of the development of the fintech and the digital economy ecosystem in Africa and in ASEAN Countries (Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and Cambodia). GFI will be working closely with our partners to grow the CFtP community in Africa & ASEAN via our literacy & professional education programmes.

The seminal Inclusive Fintech Forum in Kigali, Rwanda brought together ASEAN (via  the GIFT- Global Impact Fintech ASEAN, the One ASEAN Fintech Movement – OAFM and Digital Pilipinas) and Pan Africa via the Africa Fintech Network with the signing of a partnership agreement witnessed by regulators, association heads and leading fintech and technology businesses across the two regions.

Witnessing for the Africa Fintech Network (AFN) were Dr Patrick Saidu Conteh, CEO, Dr Segun Aina President (not in picture), Premier Oiwoh, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer at NIBSS / Nigeria and the various officers of the AFN, the 35 country strong network of digital economies in Africa.

For its ASEAN counterpart, witnessing the partnership agreement signing were Singapore’s Monetary Authority of Singapore’s Sopnendu Mohanty and Global Fintech Institute Dr David Lee, Mr Ouk Sarat,  Head of Payment Service Department, National Bank of Cambodia, Remi Pell, Chair of Cambodia Fintech Association   and Amor Maclang of Digital Pilipinas, Philippine Fintech Association and GIFT/ OAFM.

This landmark agreement marks the beginning of a collaboration between the two regions in advocacy, fundraising, payments, lending, decentralized assets, start-up development, regulatory exchange and education.

“Africa & ASEAN are uniquely placed to leapfrog digital economic development. The recent signing of a cooperation agreement with our various ASEAN partners as the One ASEAN Fintech Movement/ GIFT / Digital Pilipinas  & Africa Fintech Network is a demonstration of the strong emerging partnership among the major digital finance stakeholders in the spirit of sharing innovative technologies, knowledge, and  best practices to support the sustainable development of our countries, “ says Dr Conteh.

Professor David Lee, Co-Founder & Chairman of Global Fintech Institute has this to say :  “By rolling out the Chartered Fintech Professional (CFtP) professional qualification program in collaboration with our partners, Digital Pilipinas & Africa Fintech Network, GFI is committed to leverage on this partnership to empower and nurture future generations of fintech talents in ASEAN & Africa with a global mindset, a rigorous knowledge framework for continually keeping up with industry development & trends, and strong ethical standards. This is just a humble beginning and leveraging on the inputs from our partners, we will roll out even more programmes such as “CFtP Lite” and other digital literacy programmes to empower policymakers, practitioners and entrepreneurs!”

“Africa and ASEAN have almost the same parallel journey in our digital economy and our commitment to take this side by side with our African Fintech Leaders ensures that engaging and investing in the combined population of 2 billion as a fintech market will be a primary agenda of many companies, countries and organizations,” says Maclang.

For the first time ever, the two regions—ASEAN and Africa—will be launching the Africa x ASEAN Digital Economies and Fintech month both on the week of October 2-6, 2023 in Manila, Philippines and Nairobi, Kenya.”

** Get involved in the digital economies of of Africa x ASEAN by reaching out to Dr Patrick Conteh of the Africa Fintech Network or Amor Maclang of the One ASEAN Fintech Movement / Digital Pilipinas.

About the One ASEAN Fintech Movement (OAFM)
One ASEAN Fintech Movement (OAFM) is the coming together of the industry and leaders and change makers from Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and Cambodia to build a sustainable digital economy that will bring the region at the forefront of innovation.

About Digital Pilipinas (DP)
Digital Pilipinas (DP) is now the largest private sector-led movement for creating an innovation and technology ecosystem in the country that is actively engaged in a global digital economy by working on two main trajectories: our domestic initiatives and programs where we are highly engaged in collaboration with the industry leaders and changemakers from both private and public sectors and our international workstreams within ASEAN and across the globe with our country partners.

About the Africa Fintech Network
The Africa Fintech Network is a platform that unites African fintech and the digital economy leaders, organisations and stakeholders through their national country associations to exchange information and ideas, promote and support creation of innovative financial technologies and deployment across and beyond Africa. AFN does this through advocacy, disseminating information, organising industry events and capacity building.

About Global Fintech Institute
The Global FinTech Institute (GFI) is headquartered in Singapore and is a global professional certification organization. The institute is dedicated to creating more collaboration opportunities, promoting ethical standards, and enhancing knowledge levels for all FinTech professionals. The goal of the institute is to empower its members and community to participate in the new trends of FinTech development, utilize FinTech for growth and transformation, promote collaboration and knowledge sharing with regional and international FinTech organizations, promote best practices in FinTech, jointly develop fair standards and governance guidelines for the use of FinTech, provide education and training, build industry capabilities, and cultivate FinTech talent.

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