CFtP 2024 Program & Exam Scholarship – For Invited Persons Only – Xiamen International Bank


To enroll and register for the CFtP examination in 2024, please fill in the form below. Our enrolment team will contact you within 5 working days to confirm your registration and provide instructions for payment if your registration is successful.

  • Please have the digital copy of your Bachelor or postgraduate degree or other Professional Qualification certificate or equivalent document ready so that you can upload it before submitting the form.
  • To apply for exemption from Level 1A and/or 1B exams, please fill out the Exemption Application form and prepare the supporting documents and have it ready for submission in this application.
  • Please note that the Compulsory Foundation paper will be conducted continually. It will be available from Tuesday to Sunday weekly, and you should plan to pass the paper before the cut-off date for the examination window you’d like to sit for. A passing grade in the Compulsory Foundation exam is a pre-requisite for obtaining eligibility to schedule and your next required paper.

    For details of the respective exam window, please visit the 2024 Exam Dates, Fees & Registration Windows page.