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GFI Fintech Series: Real World Asset Tokenisation: Real or Hype?

2023-07-11 @ 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Join our expert panel discussion on asset tokenization: Real or Hype? As the world of finance evolves, asset tokenization has emerged as a promising concept with the potential to transform the way we buy, sell, and invest in assets. But is it truly a game-changer, or just another passing trend?

In this engaging session, industry leaders, technologists, and financial experts will delve into the depths of asset tokenization to separate fact from fiction. We will explore the fundamental principles behind tokenization and its practical implications for various asset classes, including real estate, art, commodities, and more.

Our esteemed panellists will share their firsthand experiences and insights, discussing the advantages and challenges associated with asset tokenization. Are there tangible benefits, such as increased liquidity, fractional ownership, and enhanced market accessibility? Or are the risks and regulatory concerns too significant to ignore?

Join us to hear different perspectives and gain a comprehensive understanding of the potential impact of asset tokenization on the financial landscape. Discover how this technology is reshaping traditional markets, empowering investors, and opening up new avenues for capital formation.

Whether you are a seasoned investor, a fintech enthusiast, or simply curious about the future of finance, this panel discussion will provide you with valuable knowledge and thought-provoking discussions. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to navigate the realm of asset tokenization and separate the real opportunities from the hype.

Date: 11 July (Tuesday)
Time: 6pm – 8pm
Venue: 80RR Fintech Hub (80, Robinson Road, #08-01)


80RR Fintech Hub
80 Robinson Road,#08-01
Singapore, Singapore 068898 Singapore
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