Who We Are

Global Association for FinTech Professionals

Global Fintech Institute Ltd. (GFI), registered under UEN no.: 202008063H, is a publicly incorporated company limited by guarantee in March 2020. Positioned in Singapore, GFI operates as a non-profit organization, independent of any university affiliation, yet with a global outlook.

GFI's primary objectives encompass establishing global recognition as a professional credentialing body for fintech practitioners, accrediting fintech education programs on an international scale, and cultivating a Singapore-centered global hub for certified fintech professionals and enterprises.

GFI is deeply committed to advancing financial inclusion. Through its digital finance and fintech initiatives, GFI aspires to democratize access to financial services, empowering individuals to acquire essential digital finance competencies while actively contributing to the creation of a more inclusive, fair, and accessible global financial landscape.


GFI is headquartered in Singapore and will develop regional office locations in China.

Our Vision & Mission


To be the global industry organisation for the advocacy, collaboration, knowledge and inclusive use of FinTech. 


To empower members and the community to leverage FinTech for growth and transformation, by: 

- Engaging the community in the latest trends, issues and development in FinTech

- Facilitating collaborations with and knowledge-sharing among regional and international FinTech organisations

- Promoting best practices and co-developing standards and governance guidelines for the fair use of FinTech

- Providing education and training to build industry capabilities and groom talents in FinTech